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The University of Ghana is the oldest and largest of the seven Ghanaian public universities. It was founded in 1948 as the University College of the Gold Coast, and was originally an affiliate college of the University of London, which supervised its academic programs and awarded degrees. It gained full university status in 1961, and now has nearly 42,000 students. The University is committed to engagement with the community. "Through its extension services, the University participates in the life of the wider community and the practical affairs of society and keeps its teaching and research close to the real life of the society." University of Ghana’s website>>

Student Commitment to Service

U of GhanaMany students at the University of Ghana participate in student organizations committed to community service. Two of these organizations are the Students’ Services Organization and the World University Service. The main objectives of the Students’ Services Organization are to stimulate students’ awareness of their role in the society and to engage in activities which would contribute to the enrichment of the life of the Ghanaian Society. To this end the Organization has been helping in self-help projects in deprived communities, and members offer free part-time teaching to some secondary schools in Accra and Tema. The Organization also engages in an annual "Clothing Drive" aimed at collecting various items of clothing for the rehabilitation centers and children’s’ homes. Membership is open to junior, senior and past members of the University. The Organization is financed through annual dues and donations.

U of Ghana LogoThe student body of the University of Ghana is affiliated to the World University Service, an international association committed to the promotion of the human right to education on the basis of academic freedom and university autonomy, and participates in its activities through an executive committee, the members of which are directly elected by the Junior Common Rooms of the Halls. Each Hall elects one representative. The WUS at UG works to further international understanding and to raise funds for numerous projects in developing countries.

Department of Agricultural Extension

U of Ghana Ag ExtensionThe Department of Agricultural Extension works to ensure the provision of quality teaching, research and extension in human resource and organizational development for agricultural and rural development, and poverty reduction. The department’s activities continue to be driven by current and emerging developmental trends and issues including the UN Millennium Development Goals, food security issues, the Food and Agricultural Sector Development Policy, land and forest degradation, gender and development, and rural and agricultural finance. Learn more>>