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University of HaifaThe University of Haifa is a diverse, multicultural institution that distinguishes itself through the pursuit of a multidisciplinary approach to research and teaching. Within Israel’s volatile environment, the university has initiated programs that promote mutual understanding and cooperation between the diverse Jewish and Arab populations on and off campus. University of Haifa’s website>>

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Institutional Profile

The University of Haifa defines civic engagement as “the acquisition and development of social consciousness within the university itself and the improvement of the society surrounding the campus, instilling a sense of social responsibility”. University of Haifa’s Institutional Profile>>

A Home in the Community

Haifa CommunityThe students involved in this project reflect the diversity of Haifa’s student body. Working under the supervision of faculty, the city’s social services division, and municipal community centers, they dedicate more than twelve hours a week to the children, families and senior citizens in the inner city and other distressed neighborhoods. In exchange, the students receive free accommodation and a modest scholarship. Read more>>

Women Legal Leaders/the Legal Feminism Clinic

 The Women Legal Leaders/Legal Feminism Clinic at the University of Haifa is a fresh approach to the traditional clinical legal education model. In addition to making clinical placements of law students from the university with community organizations, it helps female leaders in disadvantaged communities to realize their own visions of establishing projects and nascent NGOs to focus on particular social needs, such as opposing honor killings, rehabilitating women in prostitution, and advocating for the rights of divorced women in minority communities. It therefore creates strong links between the university and the community and empowers women to develop their communities. Learn more>>