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University of Okara was established in 2016 with the aim to promote holistic multidisciplinary approaches and to excel indigenous perspectives in the pursuit of excellence, critical thinking and intellectual discourse. To cater this vivacious mission to indigenous youth substantively, and to rendezvous with this destined mission, the university is delivering requisite eminent services in terms of highly qualified faculty, proficient professional administration, and impressive external linkages.

Within a brief period, the university commenced offering post-graduate programs in Education, Islamic Studies and Zoology. The newly established departments are also following their footsteps as department of Mass Communication and Sociology introduced M.Phil. Programs. The directorate of external linkages is enhancing the international exposure of students and faculty as well as broadening the intellectual scope of the university. The directorate of research is also indulging the faculty, students, and intelligentsia in multidisciplinary research endeavors and The social research center struggling to eradicate research-practice separatism and ambivalence of “research for pages.”

In its capacity and potential, the university is dedicated to substantiate its mission by inculcating high standard international and indigenous knowledge to almost 12000 students, introducing novel methods, and reducing the gap between academia and community.

YES Community

The Department of Mathematics organized a “YES” Community of graduate students who actively launched several awareness campaigns about Deforestation, Communicable diseases, Safe Charity, among youth. In the times of social distancing, they began to aware the local population with valid resources through social media. Substantively, they aware more than 0.1 million people about COVID-19, and more than twenty thousand youngsters about other social issues.

Readers Forum

The department of Communication studies established Readers’ Forum which is persistently promoting indigenous and folk literature, abating the difference between media and local community and improving the link between youth and the local geriatrics through media. The forum is also spreading the folk knowledge among the local community children by visiting local communities to demonstrate the local literature. It has also conducted seminars to view international literature in the light of local milieu.

Social and Health campaigns

The faculty of the university is also active to reduce social evils and to increase health related awareness. The faculty has launched a drug free society campaign which is actively disseminating the pitfalls of substance consumption, counselling students and community members to help them in giving up drug usage, and introducing methods to promote health and productive activities. Similarly, the breast cancer campaign was also launched in the university to break the ice of taboo-discussion as it is extremely difficult for a woman to talk about body parts which closely linked in the country with body-shame. With the spread of Dengue and COVID-19, the faculty also conducted seminars and promote awareness to the community through social media.