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University of Swabi (UOS) started functioning as a full-fledged University in 2012; initially, it was known as the Anbar Campus of Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan. As a newly established university, UOS has established itself as one of the leading seat of Higher Education in the country. With dedication and selfless devotion to education, it has shown remarkable growth in a very short period of time. The university has gained the confidence of Academia and Administration for its strict adherence to quality control and state of art facilities that it provides to its faculty and students.

One-day awareness session on Cultural Heritage Protection

The university of Swabi with the help of office of ORIC arranged a one-day awareness session on cultural heritage protection. The objective of the session was to inculcate the importance of cultural heritage protection in the minds of students and the general public. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where the University of Swabi is located, is a war-torn province and was under the grip of terrorism in the recent decades. The province has witnessed a massive loss of lives and property in the recent past. It was the need of the hour to apprize the students and general mass about the importance of protecting cultural heritage which was under threat to ethnic and religious conflicts within the province. Keeping in view the importance of the matter, the University felt its duty to arrange such a session in order to inform the masses about its importance.

  1. KP Youth Employment Program

Youth Employment Program is a digital skills platform that connects youth in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with the digital skills needed to help them get jobs, gigs, and other paid work using the Internet. For those looking to jumpstart their careers as developers but don’t have any prior experience, intensive full-time learning programs can guide them through the basics to becoming a certified developer ready for digital employment. The University of Swabi in connection with Durshal arranged a one-day session for the students to learn new ways of getting employment. KPITB has launched its Durshal (a pushto word for doorstep/gateway) centers all across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Durshal centers are envisioned to link communities with the growing opportunities in technological developments. In addition, Durshal centers aim to advance entrepreneurship with a view to promote inclusion, particularly of women and other disadvantaged groups.

  1. One day seminar on “Role of MPA’s under the constitution of Pakistan”

The University of Swabi conducted a one-day seminar on the role of Member of Provincial Assembly under the constitution of Pakistan. Since majority of the students are unaware about the role of MPA in society, therefore it was imperative to arrange a session where the students are informed about the role of elected members to provincial assembly. Ms. Azra Gul, representative from Pak-Women Organization, provided services as Resource Person.

  1. One day session on “Mental Health First Aid Training”

One of the fundamental rights of the citizen is have access to health facilities. Pakistan, being a less developed country is trying hard to provide free medical facilities to its public. Viewed in this context, the university arranged a one-day awareness session on Mental Health First Aid for its students.

  1. One day session on Drug Discovery against Cancer and other Diseases

The department of chemistry conducted a one-day session on Drug Discovery against Cancer and other diseases. The objective of the seminar was to inform the general masses about the discovery of latest drugs for curbing the menace of cancer and other related diseases.

  1. Two days seminar on Strategies for Therapeutics, Control & Prevention of Dengue & other Emerging Viral Diseases in Pakistan

 In the recent times, Dengue has become a growing concern for everyone in Pakistan. This deadly disease is rapidly spreading across all the provinces in Pakistan. In order to address the masses about the precautionary actions against Dengue, two days seminar on Therapeutics, Control & Prevention of Dengue & other Emerging Viral Diseases in Pakistan was arranged by the university of Swabi. Local doctors were also invited to the workshop.

  1. The University of Swabi signed MOU with Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal

Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal or (PBM) is a charity and social welfare organization to help the poor and needy in Pakistan. PBM is a semi-autonomous body set up through a 1992 Act of the Government of Pakistan. PBM significantly contributes to poverty alleviation through its various projects, including providing assistance to the destitute, widows, orphans, invalids, and other needy persons in the society. It provides financial assistance to the needy with emphasis on rehabilitation. PBM is assisting the poor in a variety of areas with the government funds. The University of Swabi signed MOU with PBM in order to assist the organization in collection of funds, reaching out to poor masses and assisting the organization in implementation of social welfare related policies.

  1. The University of Swabi signed MOU withGajju Khan Medical College, Swabi

Gajju Khan Medical College is in the vicinity of District Swabi. The University signed MOU with the college for the following purpose:

  • Share and conduct Joint Activities
  • Create Awareness, Promote Research & Studies in Medical and Pharmaceutical Fields
  • Equip Academia, Researchers, Professionals & Students
  • Educating and awareness campaigns of student, staff and public
  • Research project to strengthen lives of peoples
  1. The University of Swabi signed MOU with Directorate Fisheries, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The MOU aimed at:

  • Directorate Fisheries will provide space and specimens in required quantity for research
  • Create awareness, promote research & studies in fisheries sciences
  • Shared Activities regarding fisheries industry
  • Give access to the professionals, researchers and students
  • Educating and conducting awareness campaigns of student, staff and public
  • Will collaborate in research projects, supervision, co-supervision
  1. The University of Swabi signed MOU with Home & Tribal Affairs Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The MOU aimed at the following:

  • The university will offer training courses regarding policy-oriented issues
  • The university will organize awareness seminars and workshops for the officers of home department
  • The university will conduct research studies in collaboration with home department
  • The university will involve students of the affected areas to collect relevant data from their districts
  • The home department will provide senior resource person/technical experts to the university to facilitate in lectures, seminars and workshops
  • Home department will act as a bridge between the university and relevant external agencies for research collaborations
  • Home department will facilitate in identifying the expected donors to extend financial support to the university