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Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service is a public university located in Vladivostok, Russia. The university was founded in 1967 as Far Eastern Technological Institute. The Institute took its current name and received full accreditation as a university in 1996. VSUES is a leader in such fields of education as business, economics, international relations, service, fashion and design in the Russian Far East. VSUES’ website>>

Volunteers’ Club

VSUES VolunteersThe VSUES Volunteers’ Club is a team of enthusiasts, united by the idea of joint creation, education, work for common welfare and daily findings in the simplest actions. The VSUES Volunteers’ Club was one of the pioneer volunteer unions in Vladivostok. More than once its work got special mention from the committees for youth affairs at municipal and regional levels (The best volunteer union – 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008). Among the Club’s achievements was its victory in a municipal competition called “Volunteer of the Year” for 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Since 2002 the Club has carried out a variety of events which promote engagement of students, University staff and local community members in the areas of health protection, accident prevention, environmental protection and responsible attitude to society needs. These events have included Ecological Projects, Charity events at Elder Care Homes and Orphanages, Charity Concerts, and events promoting healthy lifestyles.

Drug Abuse Prevention

VSUES Drug AbuseDrug abuse remains a serious problem in Russia, and the addiction rate is quite high among children and teenagers. The University’s experience in the field of preventive care is characterized by great breakthroughs; specifically, programs were put into effect, and one of the work areas of VSUES’ Department for Youth and Social Policy is primary drug abuse prevention, including application of non-specific methods of drug abuse prevention. The work is performed at two stages of the education system – higher vocational education and intermediate vocational education. The results of this work over time show that engaging youth in University actions on drug abuse prevention makes it possible to orient youth toward a healthy lifestyle. The University’s work in the field of drug abuse prevention is taken positively by both educators and other social actors engaged in primary prevention, what guarantees effective systematic approach to the solution of the drug expansion problem. The University’s work on drug issues include research and publications into the problem as well as campaigns among local youth and university students to encourage healthy lifestyles.

"University without Prejudice" Social Project

VSUES Uni wo PrejudiceThe key problem addressed within the framework of the project, is social alienation of students of different nationalities. At present, intolerant attitudes are a global problem, which are faced throughout the world.

More than 650 foreign students from Korea, Japan, the US, Vietnam and other countries study at Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service. On arrival to Vladivostok foreign students suffer from “cultural shock” from differences in mentality, traditions, and living standards. Foreign students have difficulties with adaptation to these different conditions and cultural characteristics in Russia.

VSUES carries out extension work both with foreign and Russian students in the field of culture, customs and variations of other countries. This work area is one of the priorities for the University, and it is performed methodically.

The projects of the “University without Prejudice” program, which are implemented by students of different nationalities, help to tackle the aforementioned challenges. The project initiative group includes representatives of different nationalities. The members of the initiative group have experience in training delivery and facilitating group discussion. The project innovation is organization of joint film viewing followed by discussion.

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Financial Literacy Program

The Financial Literacy Program was founded in 2007 to improve the educational level of the population in the area of personal and practical finance. Professors and students in the area of Finance participate in the program. On the basis of statistical data analyzed by students, faculty, and staff VSUES developed a program to educate locals in financial literacy, particularly planning a family budget and developing a lifetime saving and investment plan.