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The NED University of Engineering & Technology is one of the oldest engineering institutions of Pakistan. It is located in Karachi, the largest city in the country. Originally established in 1922 as NED Engineering College, it was transformed into a university through the Sindh Assembly Act in 1977. Currently, it has 23 departments in three campuses offering undergraduate and post-graduate degree programs. Approximately 8500 students are enrolled at NED University each year. Apart from teaching, the University is engaged in research and consultancy in various socially relevant areas of engineering. NED University continuously engages in activities of social importance both through research and student activities. In particular, the student body at NED has become adept at fundraising in response to crises such as natural disasters.

Below is a listing of some of those activities.

CESNED: Following the Bhooj Earthquake in 2001, which killed almost 20,000 people and destroyed about 400,000 homes, a non-profit research center for Earthquake studies was established at NED University. The center is named after a well-known philanthropist Mr. Cowasjee. The center has opened new avenues of knowledge and research, and has contributed immensely on national and international fronts. It houses national and global data, and houses expertise for pre- and post- disaster mitigation among several other features.

CMRG: The Construction Materials Research Group (CMRG) is established at NED University to service the construction community by exploring use of recycled materials as well as by researching in new materials. The groups has completed several community-oriented projects and its website is a free-resource of Aggregate Information Maps for a large community.

NEED: One of the other prominent service initiatives is the Network of Excellence in Energy Development (NEED), which aims to contribute towards solving the acute energy crisis faced by Pakistan. The prime objective of the group is to develop better understanding of future energy needs of the country and help decision makers to develop policies in setting targets for future energy production. In this idea development process, participants seek to pay special attention to creating sustainable energy systems that contribute to an environmentally-conscious culture at the university.

Student Affairs: The Students Affairs Department at NED University continuously promotes civic engagement activities where students participate enthusiastically and try to meet targets. In this regards, the students of NED University recently campaigned for fund raising for the drought victims in Tharparkar & Umarkot and raised about a million rupees, or over 10,000 U.S. dollars.  Earlier in the academic year, students also arranged fund raising for the Awaran Earthquake which struck on 24th September 2013 and caused severe devastation. Several blood donation campaigns have been arranged for Fatmeed Foundation and Indus Hospital Foundations by the students. The Student Affairs Department offers support to these efforts, in addition to housing student societies and promoting sporting activities.