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Talloires Network Newsletter Tufts University || Medford, Massachusetts, USA || January 24, 2017



Dear Colleagues,

We are back in session at Tufts University, where students returned for a new semester last week.

Many thanks to the fifty-five universities that submitted a vote in our Steering Committee elections last month. Our newly elected Steering Committee members are Haifa Jamal Al-Lail of Effat University (Saudi Arabia), Santa Ono of University of British Columbia (Canada), Adam Weinberg of Denison University (United States), and Rajesh Tandon of the Participatory Research in Asia organization in India.

This academic year will culminate with an important global gathering for the Talloires Network, and we are hoping someone from your university will join us. Registration is now open for the 2017 Talloires Network Leaders Conference at Universidad Veracruzana in Mexico. An impressive lineup of speakers from around the world will guide our conversation on the future of university civic engagement, while our host presents its award-winning community-based programs throughout the State of Veracruz in a series of site visits. Visit our website now to learn more and register.

In partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, we recently published a new annual report for our Youth Economic Participation Initiative, which supports entrepreneurial education programs in ten member universities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

We are in the process of contacting all Talloires Network Signatory Member universities encouraging them to become Engaged Members. Learn more about this new network model here and contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to continuing to learn from each other as our network grows.

Best regards,
Anthony Monaco
President, Tufts University
Chair, Talloires Network Steering Committee


2017 Talloires Network Leaders Conference


Registration Opens for TN Global Conference in Mexico

Registration is now open for the Talloires Network Leaders Conference at the Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico on June 21 – 23, 2017. Focusing on the theme of “Social Responsibility and Human Dignity in Higher Education Engagement”, the conference will host speakers and participants from universities around the globe discussing the future of higher education civic engagement. Register Now>>>

TNLC Speakers List Continues to Grow

The speakers at the Talloires Network Leaders Conference bring significant experience in higher education civic engagement. Alongside keynote speaker and acclaimed author Elena Poniatowska, the speakers will include an ambassador, university leaders and academics with backgrounds and publications in political science, architecture and planning, community inclusion, and innovative education. Learn More>>>.

Results of Talloires Network Steering Committee Elections
We are honored to welcome four new members to the Steering Committee. These leaders reflect a diversity of academic, national, and demographic backgrounds, as well as a strong commitment to higher education civic engagement. Thanks to the 55 universities that cast a vote in last month’s election. Learn More>>>
YEPI Annual Report: Education for Transformative Entrepreneurship
The Youth Economic Participation Initiative (YEPI) has worked in ten countries to support institutions of higher education to prepare students through career development. The YEPI Year 2 Report demonstrates that higher education can support transformational entrepreneurship, that those entrepreneurship programs foster changes in the academic approach to youth development, and that entrepreneurship education must be responsive to situational circumstances. Learn More>>>
Recording: Webinar on African Healthcare Projects
Last month, we hosted a webinar titled “Youth Employability and Community-Engaged Healthcare Projects.” As part of the Engaged Faculty in Africa Program, this webinar features presenters from Cameroon, Germany, and South Africa discussing the intersection of healthcare, entrepreneurship training, and opportunities for youth employment. Watch the Webinar>>>
Tufts Grants Give Support to 36 Community Organizations
The Tufts Neighborhood Service Fund committee is a group of Tufts administrators, faculty, and staff that meet annually to determine the distribution of funds to community-based, charitable groups that operate within the our host communities. The funds come from donations from Tufts employees, who this year donated $19,046 to 36 community organizations. Learn More>>>
SFU Announces Investment in Aboriginal People
Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada, recently established the Aboriginal Reconciliation Council (SFU-ARC) in order to support Indigenous education, knowledge, and understanding. Initiatives arising from SFU-ARC will be supported by a $9 million grant over the next four years. Learn More>>>
C2U Expo 2017: Surrey and Vancouver, Canada, 1-5 May 2017
C2U Expo 2017 is a Canadian-led international conference designed to showcase the best practices in community-campus partnerships worldwide. It focuses on connecting university representatives, community leaders, and private industries to engage in an immersive dialogue about health, environmental, and community issues. The conference is preceded by an interactive two-day learning exchange called the Community Jam. Organizers are inviting 25 community delegations from across the country, and 5 international delegations, to register for this part of the gathering. Learn More>>>
Bringing Theory to Practice National Conference
Chicago, Illinois, USA, 24-26 May 2017 
BTtoP is hosting its national conference titled “The Whole Student: Intersectionality and Well-Being.” The event will explore the intersection between student identity and lived experience, focusing on how to support and challenge the diversity of identities that make up a whole student. Learn more>>>
Summer Institute of Civic Studies
Medford, Massachusetts, USA, 13-23 June 2017
Hosted by Tufts University’s Tisch College of Civic Life, this is a two-week, interdisciplinary seminar of advanced graduate students, faculty, and practitioners. The institute will explore what knowledge, beliefs, and actions make a good citizen. This year’s institute will include a sister seminar in Eastern Europe. Learn More>>>
Phil Clay: “Model for the Transformation of Higher Ed in Africa”
Professor Phil Clay, former Chancellor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and board member of TN-affiliated Aga Kahn University in Pakistan, envisions a model for transforming higher education in Africa to replicate the success and impact of institutions around the globe. His transformative model promotes continental collaboration between governments, universities, and private partners. Learn More>>>
Report: “Engaged Research: Society & Higher Education Addressing Grand Societal Challenges Together”
Campus Engage and the Irish Universities Association released a report about the research processes employed by governments, universities, and NGOs by providing a framework for research engagement between communities, industries, and higher education institutions.  This report aims to shift the understanding of research to include all stakeholders in the design, implementation, and analysis of engaged research. Learn More>>>
Higher Learning Research Communications Special Issue on the Global Public Good
Volume 6 of this journal features editorials, essays, and articles focused on the Global Public Good in higher education. It explores the role of higher education in promoting understanding in a globalized world and the difficulties of faith, culture, and economics in establishing a sense of public good. Learn More>>>