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Talloires Network Newsletter

Tufts University || Medford, Massachusetts, USA || March 20, 2017

Dear colleagues,

Earlier this month, Talloires Network Steering Committee members met by phone to discuss the current progress of the Engaged Membership drive, our upcoming Talloires Network Leaders Conference in Veracruz, Mexico, and the initiative to increase student representation in our governance structure. Time differences are an important factor in coordinating these global conversations. We appreciate the contributions of all committee members and acknowledge the participation of those leaders who joined as late as 11pm and as early as 4am in their respective local times.

The Steering Committee’s initial positive response to our Engaged Membership policy is promising. We are optimistic about the sustainability of our global effort to build a coalition of universities committed to civic engagement. We are now pleased to announce the first nine “Engaged Members” of the Talloires Network. These universities enroll more than 300,000 students in 6 countries, and you can read more about their work in a section below.

The newly elected Steering Committee student representatives are Abigail Gomez from Universidad Veracruzana and Mapendo Mindje from University of Rwanda. We welcome their leadership beginning in June, and express our gratitude to those who submitted names for consideration. We also thank students Basvan Patil and Purity Gitonga for their recent service on the Steering Committee.

With these important decisions in place, we are now moving forward to our next global gathering. Please join us in Veracruz, Mexico for our 2017 Leaders Conference. This year’s event will celebrate the successful completion of our Youth Economic Participation Initiative, achieved in partnership with the MasterCard Foundation. Together we will reflect on other significant accomplishments and imagine new opportunities for collaboration. Engaging and insightful speakers, including U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Roberta Jacobson, will set the tone for an agenda centered on dialogue across differences. The host, Universidad Veracruzana’s Xalapa campus, is an appealing destination where faculty, staff, students, and administration work hard every day to serve and empower the local community. Reserve your spot by registering today.

We send our best wishes for a successful year to all those universities starting a new academic term this month. Hope to see you in Mexico.

Anthony Monaco
President, Tufts University
Chair, Talloires Network Steering Committee


TNLC 2017

At this year’s TNLC, student delegates will be equal contributors to the conference dialogue and key stakeholders in our visions for the future of engaged institutions. As such we have created student-focused sessions for emerging leaders as well as numerous attendance incentives. Learn More>>>

University civic engagement leaders and scholars from 15 countries representing the Youth Economic Participation Initiative will present learnings from their programs at this year’s TNLC. They will share about the work and success of some of the most productive programs in the Talloires Network. Learn More>>>



Nine institutions have agreed to participate in the Talloires Network’s new engaged membership process. They are: Charles Sturt University (Australia), Denison University (USA), International Medical University (Malaysia), National University of Ireland – Galway (Ireland), Simon Fraser University (Canada), University of British Columbia (Canada), University of Pretoria (South Africa), Tufts University (USA) and Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico). Learn More>>>

SFU has been working hard to improve university-community relations with First Nations Tribes by encouraging education, partnerships, and solidarity. This commitment to recognizing and honoring local tribes was recently celebrated during a community ceremony that included the placement of a 350 year-old hand-carved sculpture on campus. Learn More>>>

At an event co-hosted by the University of Pretoria, the International Fund for Agricultural Development presented a report highlighting the high levels of youth unemployment in South Africa, and the progressive steps the country can take to build a more inclusive economy that taps into the creativity and skills of today’s youth. Learn More>>>

CSU’s Community-University Partnership participated in a series of community meetings, plan briefings, and feedback sessions that culminated in the generous donation of a substantial amount of money for preserving one of the oldest cathedrals in Australia. Learn More>>>

Denison is looking for an innovative leader for their Department of Residential Communities who can foster a vibrant, inclusive, resilient, and healthy community atmosphere. Learn More>>>



Research for All is a new journal dedicated to highlighting research involving universities, communities, services, or industries working together. They are looking for contributions that raise awareness about the processes and effectiveness of engaged research strategies. Learn More>>>



This chapter, by Talloires Network Executive Director Lorlene Hoyt and Program Manager Amy Newcomb Rowe, highlights the purpose and functions of the Talloires Network as a “network of networks.” It also showcases numerous regional and national networks committed to community engagement and service learning. Learn More>>>

The Global University Network for Innovation recently released this report, entitled, “Towards a Socially Responsible University: Balancing the Global with the Local.” It focuses on the difficulties in meeting local demands and balancing those with creating a more equitable and sustainable society, locally and globally. Learn More>>>

Veracruz awaits you. Don’t miss out!
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