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University Education for Transformative Leadership in Africa Mini Grants

In partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, the University Education for Transformative Leadership in Africa Mini Grants Program seeks to support the ongoing learnings of the Youth Economic Participation Initiative, launched in 2012 to catalyze change in the way universities across the globe prepare their students for economic life after graduation. The purpose of this program is to support those efforts by documenting the work of university education for transformative leadership at African institutions, with an emphasis on outcomes of education strategies for youth leadership and employability. It also seeks to reinforce the broader goals of the Talloires Network and strengthening participation in the Community of Practice: The program aims to reinforce the Talloires Network 2014 Call to Action, by “expanding and strengthening university efforts to prepare their students for civic and economic participation and active citizenship – to educate students who are effective and successful global citizens.”

Who should Apply?

Grants will be awarded to individuals working at universities in Africa. Applicants may be individuals in teaching (e.g., service-learning, experiential learning, community-based field training, field observations, community service projects, leadership education) research (e.g., community-based research, action research, applied research, leadership education) and/or other engaged roles (e.g., extension, volunteerism, community service, charitable services) at member universities.

Selection Criteria

  • Potential to yield learnings relevant to others
  • Potential to support the participation of additional leaders in the Community of Practice dialogues and other activities
  • Potential for improving the breadth and inclusiveness of representation of Network members
  • Demonstrated commitment to, and accomplishment in, university community engagement activities
  • Engaged pedagogy, curriculum, approach to mentorship, and/or stewardship of professional networks
  • Approach to partnership with community
  • Evidence of educational methodologies for transformative leadership
  • Demonstrate impact on student learning and employability


  1. To document and share widely the learning from experiences with university efforts to increase economic participation of educated youth.
  1. Highlight the work of faculty- and staff-led efforts to increase leadership education and opportunities for educated youth.

The purpose of the reporting requirement is to give individuals an opportunity and necessary support to rigorously reflect on their community engagement practice, individually and as part of a global community of practice.

Awardees are expected to be routine contributors to the Talloires Network’s online community, Through a series of 10 semi-structured blog posts, short articles and online events including webinars, awardees will showcase and share their ideas and experiences. In the end, the set of blog posts will culminate into a case study narrative. The Talloires Network secretariat will work with awardees to collect and publish case study narratives in a peer-reviewed journal and/or edited volume.

Online posts will, over time, answer such questions as:

Where did you study and why did you select your chosen field of study? Who has been a major influence in the way you think about and approach your work? Why? When and why did you begin teaching at your university? When and why did you integrate your teaching and/or research with local community partners? What has the partnership accomplished? What do you find most satisfying about your work and why? What are the biggest obstacles to your work? Describe your philosophy and approach to teaching. How has it evolved over time? Describe your approach to mentorship. How do you maintain professional networks for your own advancement as well as the advancement of your student graduates? In what ways have you been able to influence student graduate employment outcomes? Identify an advisee/mentee and tell the story of how you supported his/her learning in the university and successful transition to entrepreneurship or employment. How is your advisee/mentee contributing to society? To his/her community? In what ways have your methods of education for transformative leadership been a catalyst for change at your university? In your community?

Award Amount: USD $10,000


Applications due by 4 September 2015

Award notifications by 9 November 2015

Grant begins 1 January 2016

Proposal Elements

  1. Online Application Form (below)
  2. Description and Timeline of Project
  3. Bibliography
  4. Curriculum Vitae
  5. Letter of Support from Community Partner
  6. Letter of Support from Student Graduate (Mentee or Advisee)

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